China Now Testing All Overseas Arrivals to Major Cities

老师今天晚上让你桶个够Nucleic acid testing is now mandatory.

by That's, March 25, 2020

WIN! D.O.C. Family-Size Lasagna from Saucepan

Perfect for families in quarantine.

by That's Shanghai, March 25, 2020

WIN! A ¥200 Voucher to Abbey Road

老师今天晚上让你桶个够Did somebody say super hour?

by That's Shanghai, March 24, 2020老师今天晚上让你桶个够

95% of New Chinese Mainland COVID-19 Cases are Imported

老师今天晚上让你桶个够Seventy-four of 78 new confirmed COVID-19 cases came from abroad.

by That's, March 24, 2020

How Mythological Stories are Taking Over Cinema in China

老师今天晚上让你桶个够Here are some of the more recent films that have paved the way for Chinese cinemagoers’ interest in mythological movies.

by Bryan Grogan, March 24, 2020

PHOTOS: Low-Budget to Lavish Quarantine Hotels in China

As returning travelers to China prepare for mandated quarantine, here's a look some hotels being used for quarantine.

by Rakini Bergundy, March 23, 2020

A Great Way to Budget During Tough Times

Unlike other personal finance apps, you won’t need to spend much time on Expense.

by Ryan Gandolfo, March 23, 2020

Enjoy a Splash of Hops with This Refreshing Wuhan-based IPA

All in all, we find Tiao Dong Who IPA to be a fun and enjoyable beer, and hope the best for Wuhan as the city continues with its coronavirus relief efforts. Wuhan jiayou!

by Ryan Gandolfo, March 23, 2020老师今天晚上让你桶个够

Cruel Buddhist Talks Making Music with ADHD and Sketching Songs

We linked up with American producer Cruel Buddhist to chat about his process.

by Bryan Grogan, March 23, 2020

WIN! ¥500 Dinner for 2 Voucher at Commune Social

Contemporary Western Restaurant of the Year at the That's Shanghai Food & Drink Awards 2019.

by That's Shanghai, March 21, 2020

Derek Sandhaus on Being Drunk on Baijiu in China

老师今天晚上让你桶个够We caught up with Sandhaus for a crash course in baijiu appreciation.

by Cristina Ng, March 20, 2020老师今天晚上让你桶个够

5 Things to Know About China’s Justin Bieber, Lu Han

Here are five fast facts about the Chinese megastar.

by Tristin Zhang, March 20, 2020

These Drunken Elephants are the Story the World Needs Right Now

老师今天晚上让你桶个够Dunked their trunks until they were drunk.

by That's, March 20, 2020

WIN! ¥600 Voucher to New Restaurant and Cocktail Bar CHARCOHOL

Charcoal-grilled foods and craft cocktails await.

by That's Shanghai, March 20, 2020

WIN! Pizza Feast Sunday at D.O.C. Gastronomia Italiana

D.O.C. are doing buy-one-get-one on all pizzas, all day every Sunday.

by That's Shanghai, March 20, 2020老师今天晚上让你桶个够

WIN! A ¥500 Voucher to Beef & Liberty

Get yer burger on!

by Ned Kelly, March 20, 2020老师今天晚上让你桶个够

5 Platforms Providing Accurate Information on COVID-19

老师今天晚上让你桶个够With family, loved ones and friends spread out all over the globe, you may want to stay up-to-date on the latest news and COVID-19 figures.

by That's, March 19, 2020老师今天晚上让你桶个够

WIN! Spread the Bagel & Laiba Ultimate Sunday Brunch at Home

老师今天晚上让你桶个够Together they shake up a storm of deliciousness!

by That's Shanghai, March 19, 2020

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